Sunday, June 27, 2010

Driving Mrs. Crazy.....

June 19, 2010

Tomorrow is Father's Day and the first thing that crosses my mind is FUUUUCCCCKKKK I haven't even gotten the man a card.  I know that I can use the whole "I've got cancer" excuse but this is a day that honors the man that has been religiously caring for me through this entire ordeal, has lived with my mother for close to 2 months, orchestrated a blood drive to help save my life and has been holding down the fort financially without any inclination of when I will be able to return to the work place.

Seriously if all of that doesn't earn you a Hallmark, well than I don't know what the hell does.

First issue was checking our finances.  I mean trying to give a gift to tell someone thanks for being a fabulous and amazing father and husband is great.  But doing so and then bouncing a check because you've shorted funds in your checking account, um...yeah, I think that just has douchebaggery written all over it.

With budget in hand I was met with the next hurdle.  Transportation.  I am the mother of a 16 year old daughter who unfortunately doesn't have a permit or license.  CRAP....why do I procrastinate so much??  Ergh, if I had been more on the ball she'd have had her driving lessons last year and be a fully licensed driver by now.  Why didn't I have enough forethought that I may be stricken with a potentially fatal illness and need to go to Target last minute in order to score a gift for Jon?  I swear...I really am not a thoughtful individual.

Luckily I had another option.  My girl friend Stacy offered to be our driver.  Minutes after getting on the road the skies opened up and a torrential downpour engulfed us.  Immediately I felt bad for making her drive us, but she just smiled and laughed.  If you could have been a fly on the window of that car you may have pissed yourself at how we yelped and jumped with each crashing bolt of lightening. I'm sure to any passing cars that were able to see us got a bit of a laugh.  I love that when it comes to being crazy she is probably one of the few people that can measure up to my level.

Finally we made it to Target and made our way through the store in record time.  This was my first time being out in a store since my diagnosis.  I no longer have the energy to be up and about for very long so it was a get in, get the gift and get out before I'd have to rest.  Plus I'm not supposed to be around large groups of people.

Mission complete, with gifts in hand, we made it back out to the car and then we were homeward bound.  I wish I would have been up to visiting more or spending a bit more time at the store, but as first outings go....I think it went pretty good.  Guess we will see tomorrow if Jon thinks our efforts were worth it.

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