Thursday, July 28, 2011

Be Careful What You Wish For.....

What feels like lifetimes ago I had a classmate that had his tonsils removed and when he returned to school he told me about how he had to go to the hospital to have it done.  He said there were nurses that took care of him and had to come when he pushed a button.  Even if all he needed was another blanket or the television station turned, they had to come.  He continued on to tell me how he got all of the popsicle's and ice cream that he wanted.  As for the school work that he was missing, like the daily black board "pop quiz" questions or writing what seemed like endless lines of definitions....he got worksheets that contained far less work than what we did in class.

I remember thinking how nice that sounded without thinking about the fact that you needed to be sick or having surgery to be in the hospital.  So I went home and that night I laid in bed looking out the window at the clear night sky above and made a wish. "I wish that I could go to the hospital".

About a week or so later, while sitting out at recess I realized that maybe I shouldn't have taken all of this kids descriptions of a utopian society when he was busy reconstructing something he saw on He-Man the day prior using petrified dog shit found under the jungle gym.  Yep, I'm pretty sure this was the start of me being led astray by males....just kidding.

I went home that night and laid in bed looking up at the nighttime sky and tried to un-wish the previous weeks wish.  Man how easy life was as a child.

Life went on and I changed from child to preteen to unruly teen to teenage mother and with time and reality I forgot about the wish for hospital stays with ice cream and magical buttons that bring people to help....and BOOM I get cancer and I'm like "SHIT, I seriously hope that wish where I have a giraffe living in my kitchen and humpback whale residing in my bathtub DON'T happen"!

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