Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's funny how 2 1/2 months feels like a lifetime ago...

If I had to describe what has gone on since my last post at the end of February with only one word I'd have to go with....UNBELIEVABLE.

After 5 1/2 months of remission I received a phone call around March 17th from my oncologist advising me that my last set of labs drawn the first week of March were "questionable" and I needed to come in and see her on March 21st instead of waiting until my April 16th appointment.  I was feeling okay at the time of the phone call.  A little fatigue but nothing to be alarmed about.  I'd had a cold for a few weeks but nothing crazy.  I wasn't bruising easily, there were no petechia on my skin, I wasn't running any fevers and outside of dealing with the unrelenting pain of my spleen and the daily issues with nausea and vomiting I was managing to have a somewhat normal life again.  I wasn't panicked.  It was just another doctors appointment.  Another check-up to get through.  No big deal.