Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Don't make promises you can't keep, but more importantly...never say never

Wow, in reference to the last post I made on this blog,  ya know the one of "I'm gonna post again within the next 24hrs.  I promise" seems that I think 24hrs is somewhere in the ballpark of approximately 42 days!  Don't you wish you ran on my time schedule?? Just think of all the things you could accomplish!

All joking aside, my last post back in September really was meant to be followed up on with another post just a mere 24hrs later.  True story.  I had been working on a piece that unfortunately had taken almost 7hrs.  It seems that once I was diagnosed with leukemia whatever bladder function I had remaining from pregnancies, surgeries and the mere cruel workings of that bitch mother nature had gone out the proverbial window leaving me with a need to pee every 5 seconds opposed to my normal once ever 20 minutes.  Thus taking my writing time and quadrupling it!  Add in nausea and my mother coming to check to see if I was breathing, awake, hungry or did I mention breathing and a normal session that I could have knocked out in an hour or two tops without so much as 1/2 dozen trips to the potty (usually with laptop in's not like I haven't done it before, example "Tales from the Crapper") had been turned into an arduous non multi-tasking catastrophe.

Being diagnosed with leukemia SUUUCKSSSSSS!!!!  Being diagnosed with leukemia and NOT being able to write and express my frustrations with previously stated disease SUUUCKSSSSSS ASSSSSSSS!!!!