Monday, May 17, 2010

Not your everyday Cinco De Drinko....

May 5, 2010

For those that know me...I mean REALLY know me, they know that Cinco De Mayo (or as I call it Cinco De Drinko) is my FAVORITE holiday.  I tried to not let it get me down that this year the only cocktail I would be partaking in would be whatever they fed me through my IV. 

Earlier in the day my co workers came and visited bringing me all sorts of goodies and really making me feel a lot better than I had been when I woke up.  I was plagued with mouth sores which made talking difficult but I didn't care because I was so excited to have visitors.  They stayed and made me laugh, took a few pictures that I forbade them to post in the office, but am not entirely sure that they will actually heed that warning. 

After they left I started to feel all gloomy about the fact that all my other friends would be going out and enjoying the evening and I would be here in the hospital sucking on lidocaine to make the mouthsores bearable.  I had decided to try and go to bed early and was just about to get comfy (as one can get in a hospital bed) when all of the sudden Jon, Mar & Stacy busted in wearing sombrero's and carrying margarita glasses full of limeaide so it looked like a margaritta. 

I was speechless and so overwhelmed that they would come down here to the hospital, which isn't close to home, to suprise me.  I took everything in me not to cry from sheer gratitude and appreciation.  Every day I am amazed at what people are willing to do in order to cheer me up or make it so that my family has things easier.

I feel so blessed to have the friends that I have and a husband that is stepping up beyond what I could have ever imagined. 

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  1. you're stronger than me for not crying... i just read about it and cry! that was so sweet of them! xox