Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Going from bad to castor oil.....this is how you rock Valentine's Day in the Land of "L"!

In an effort to be compliant with my new GI doctor and his "let's cross all the t's and dot all the i's" mentality of trying to find out why I've spent 2/3 of my day nauseated, vomiting and in gut wrenching abdominal pain (could it be the enlarged spleen....maybe??) for the past 4 1/2 months I spent my Valentine's Day eating water based foods (pass the jello and watermelon) until 7p and then having to down a cocktail of castor oil and orange juice to "cleanse" for the upper GI series the following day.  

Sure I could have written about the experience of downing the castor oil...but how fun would that have been?  So in order for you to really understand the hell fun that myself and my family endured I decided to let Jon document the experience.  Enjoy my suffering.....

And this is where the picture pages stop because I love you all way too much to make you endure any visual aid for what took place after the camera was put away.  

The test on the 15th went well and I am proud to announce that while I don't have the test results I did way better than I had done in the past.  This time I neither puked on the technician or screamed at the radiologist.  I just hope that this and the handful of other test I have left to do lead to me feeling better.  Whether that will be with or without a spleen still remains to be seen.

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