Sunday, January 30, 2011

Like all transformations that aren't surgically based...that took F-O-R-E-V-E-R....

You'd think my very first post of this new and REMISSION filled new year (I'm totally working that "if I say it or write it then it's true") would be about my health and the changes that are taking place in it.  Ahhh ha ha's all about how I just spent the better part of 3 hours giving "Life in the Land of L" a little 2011 face lift.   

No Botox.  No Restalyn.  No strange Angelina Jolie man those can't be your real lips lips.

In case it be deemed that 2011 is the year of the new, improved and slightly look based Jessica...let me assure you that I am writing this blog in a most natural state...., not NAKED...dang people this is NOT one of those types of blogs.  I just mean that I'm void of make-up, rocking the glasses, wearing my favorite (and recent gift) Eeyore t-shirt....
...(suck it Disney I'm not paying you to be able to post this pic) and a new staple all though not very trend setting or even remotely sexy....

...the slipper sock.  Size medium and made to look like Mary Jane's (the shoe not the kind you smoke...seriously people...mind, gutter...remove it).  Note the very pale skin that my husband, children, friends, family and mere passersby refer to as socks!

So while my blog is now all decked out, I am always...humbly...a borderline slob.

With hair that looks a little like Don King or possibly Nick Nolte's mug shot circa 2002.  You can pick whichever...I won't be offended.  I'm actually quite proud of it's growth considering how little sunlight I allow it.  Thank God hair is not like children or else I'd be as bald as I was the day my mother took clippers to it.

But enough about me...I hope everyone likes the new layout, colors, text, photo's and yes, I do realize that a blog is nothing if it doesn't have any recent post.  But come on...cut me some slack people.  Stare at the pretty colors for awhile and I promise (like all the promises I've made and NOT kept in the past...and this time I'm not even attempting to attach a time frame to the sure to be broken promise) I'll write again real soon.

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